Until You Disappear start a new chapter with “Let Go”


When forming in 2019, the guys of UK rock band Until You Disappear did not anticipate that they would spend their first couple of years together dealing with a pandemic.  They could have easily aborted the mission, but like other artists out there, the band used the time to work on new music.  Fostering a sound that includes catchy hooks and action-packed instrumentals, Until You Disappear were able to release the singles “Drunk Me” and “Distance,” which accumulated a combined total of over 25,000 streams.  Taking some time to polish up their sound, the band has now returned to release their next and best single to date.

Straying away from the raw rock sound that we heard from the band on their previous singles, “Let Go,” embraces a more modern vibe that better showcases Until You Disappear’s skills.  The cleaner production, cohesive instrumentals, and vibrant melodies work together to deliver a more confident group.  Even with this more straightforward vibe, though, the band is as deep and emotional as ever.  Focusing on a relationship gone sour, “Let Go” touches on all of the reasons why things did not work out.  It is impossible to not hear the fire in vocalist Edd Hartley’s voice as he recalls those thoughts and feelings.  You can check it out below.

Giving us more details on the track and the future of the band, Edd revealed,

“’Let Go’ is the start of the next chapter of Until You Disappear.  We feel this new song is far more creative and the writing has matured since our previous singles.  It’s an upbeat track that we feel has a more modern edge to it.  We feel like the track will be easily relatable to almost any listeners as the concept behind the song’s lyrics are all about a relationship not working out, which I am sure almost everybody has experienced at some point in their life.  We can’t wait to release this to the world and show you what’s in store for the future of this band.  We are just getting started!”

You can listen to “Let Go” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Until You Disappear:  Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Twitter


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