Taylor Janzen tries to remedy her feelings in cathartic “Push It Down”


For Canadian artist Taylor Janzen, music has always been the best way to let out what she feels on the inside.  Her honest lyrics and ability to express her most intimate thoughts has led her to receive praise from notable publications like The New York Times and NYLON, and perform with incredible artists such as Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers.  As she prepares to hit the stage this weekend at Lollapalooza, Taylor treated fans to a new release that ushers in her new era, and will make for an incredible debut in the “Windy City.”

Taylor’s first single since the beginning of the pandemic, “Push It Down” highlights her experience of isolation and emotional instability.  Taylor illuminates,

Writing ‘Push It Down’ felt like the mental reset I’ve long needed… although in hindsight I wasn’t ready for one at the time.  It came together by myself in my room — about my rapidly declining mental health amidst my quarantine-induced brain fog — then immediately put it away and forgot about it.  The song is about grasping at anything to feel better, and in the process enabling all my unhealthy tendencies… things like not taking accountability when I’m wrong, impulsive behaviors, isolating myself, refusing to do things that are good for me.” 

Taylor establishes this narrative quite quickly, with the captivating opening line, “I don’t want to know what you think of me / I don’t want you to think of me at all.”  From there, Taylor sings about “sleeping with the light on” and how “nobody knows how bad gets,” as she tries to deal with the pain on her own terms.  The lyrics are a biting contrast to the jovial guitars and bright melodies that carry the track along, bringing forth that notion of “smiling on the outside, crying on the inside.”  You can check out the fitting video for it below.

You can listen to “Push It Down” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Taylor on tour with X AMBASSADORS here.

Keep up with Taylor Janzen:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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