Izza spoils herself on “Love Bracelets”


It has been two years since electro-pop artist Izza came onto the scene with the release of “405.”  The single was the first of many that showed Izza’s skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer, making her a distinct force in the electro-pop scene.  Fans resonate with her songs that encourage self-love and acceptance, causing Izza’s overall streams to exceed 200,000 to date.  Even though she has made such a buzz already, she is just getting started, and is thrilled to release her newest single, “Love Bracelets.”

Putting her creative skills on full display, “Love Bracelets” is a cool fusion of trap-inspired beats and playful synth.  The track sounds as if it was made for the club or an exciting night out on the town, with lyrics that inspire the listener to remember their worth.  Assuredly, Izza sings, “I would rather be alone” and “I don’t want love, I want love bracelets,” implying that true love starts from within.  Instead of crying and dealing with the lies that she experienced in a relationship, she would rather put her own feelings first, happy to treat herself in the process.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Love Bracelets,” Izza shared,

“I used to value my worth based on how people viewed me and what relationships I was in or wasn’t in.  I wrote ‘Love Bracelets’ when I started focusing on myself and discovered that true happiness doesn’t come from loving someone else, but by loving yourself.”   

You can listen to “Love Bracelets” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Izza:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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