Meet Me @ The Altar are finding their way on ‘Model Citizen’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  “Feel A Thing”, “Brighter Days (Are Before Us)”, “Now Or Never”
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If you have been staying up-to-date on your pop culture and music news, then you are probably very aware of the whole “pop punk is making a comeback” thing.  If you have been out of the loop, then basically all you need to know is that a new wave of artists are making pop melodies and emo lyrics cool again.  One of these artists is the band Meet Me @ The Altar, who have been taking the pop punk world by storm since forming a few years ago.  The past year alone has been a true rush for the trio, who signed to Fueled By Ramen, graced countless magazine covers, and earned spots on coveted playlists.  The band has clearly put in the work, and are ready to show fans what they have recently been up to with their new EP, Model Citizen.

The six tracks on Model Citizen explore topics that are much accustomed to pop punk, such as coping with personal issues, making sense of life, and hoping for a better tomorrow.  Lead vocalist Edith Johnson delivers the lyrics with a warmth that melts away the idea that anything bad could ever happen, even if her words suggest otherwise.  There are many times on the EP that Edith poses basic life questions, for instance, reminding us all that she is just as confused and scared as the average young adult out there.  From wondering if unusual amounts of stress are causing her to go numb on “Feel A Thing” to convincing herself that she will never grow up and grow out of her teenage ways on “Never Gonna Change,” Edith normalizes the conversation about feeling down, but also instills a hope that things will improve.

Fans who have stuck with Meet Me @ The Altar since their first EP in 2018 can still appreciate the sound of the band that comes through on Model Citizen.  While soaring vocals and technical rhythms remain a staple of the group, the music is a little more cohesive.  We hear a band that has more of an idea of what they’re doing, more of an idea of how they want their songs to unfold – if there is any doubt, just take the ending of closing track “Wake Up,” where Edith lets out a laugh of approval before mentioning that they’ve “got it!”  Yet, there are just a few times when their formula backfires, as the tracks never quite break out of the spunky-guitar-riff-and-high-energy-drum-pattern structure that the band has perfected.

Overall, though, there is a bold quality of Meet Me @ The Altar’s music that cannot be overlooked.  As you go through each track on Model Citizen, you can easily visualize them in a concert setting, being performed in front of thousands and thousands of eager fans.  For instance, when you hear those instrumental breakdowns in “Mapped Out” or “Now Or Never,” you just know that fans are going to be all over the place in a live setting – moshing and screaming their hearts out.  These songs are made to be played at festivals and arenas, and the band has what it takes to get there.

When perusing other reviews of Model Citizen, there is a common remark of “Paramore for the next generation” or “a revival of pop punk.”  These are amazing statements, but it is important to remember that Meet Me @ The Altar are doing their own thing – not just replicating a sound or starting a movement.  Despite all of their accomplishments so far, they are still finding their way and carving out their own identity.  If there is anything we can learn from the EP, it is that the band is as much a “model citizen” as the rest of us.

You can listen to Model Citizen on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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