From the ashes, The Phoenix Brand rises to make change on the fashion industry with musician collaborations


The Phoenix Brand, the plastic free, gender inclusive, toxin free, planet-first apparel, has announced a collaboration with Tik-Tok artist and podcast host Nic D.

With the textile industry becoming one the leading contributors to environmental pollution, The Phoenix Brand is committed in using natural fibers, not using toxic chemicals, and prioritizing the health of the planet and people. The collection officially dropped today and features 3 new unisex items, all made from sustainable resources and never use plastic based materials or toxins.

Each of Nic’s items shows the term “From Scratch“, a slogan which shows that everything he creates is just that, showing his own vulnerability. But what we appreciate more than the meaning of From Scratch, are the subtle details of the Lyocell Bowling Top released. On the front, the logo for Nic’s podcast FRDi (Feels Right, Don’t It?) and a small worker bee on the right shoulder which represents “the hardest worker in the room”.

Nic’s collection on The Phoenix Brand is now live on their website!

“Nic D is an artist that encompasses all of our company’s values, so there was instant synergy there. Fashion and music are both vehicles of self-expression, and we are thrilled to bring Nic’s vision to life and to share our unified message with the world,” says Phoenix Co-founder Gabrielle Gomes.

The Phoenix Brand uses local artists to help serve as a voice to give knowledge to the brand and give artists recognition. The company is also set out to change the way we where fabrics; the way they’re used/reused, biodegradable, or toxic, the brand wants to make sure the manufacturing is done safely and that the environment is left in the best state possible.

“From the moment Trina and Gabrielle told me about the company’s mission, I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be a part of,” says Nic D.

The Phoenix Brand has also done collaborations with Flowmingos, Sedge Freeman, Edgar Garcia; each collection being unique to the artist.

Head over to check out more on the brand and Nic below:
The Phoenix Brand: Website // Twitter // Instagram
Nic D: TikTok // YouTube // Instagram

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