Weekly Roundup: November 7


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “These Drugs” – The Thing With Feathers
“A new single released by one of Nashville’s most loved indie Bands. TTWF described it as a song about ‘the slow death of an optimist.’ and it definitely listens as such. The right track to describe anyone who’s been stuck in a love that’s toxic.”
– Cheyenne


2. “I’m A Mess” – Avril Lavigne ft. YUNGBLUD
“Avril’s nostalgic new single “I’m A Mess” will take you right back to the early 2000s and have you feeling like you’re experiencing a TRL music video debut. The collaboration of these two like minded artists makes for one entertaining pop punk track.”
– Andrea Garman


3.  “Reflections On My TV” – The Backfires
“Over dramatic guitar, lead vocalist Alex Gomez recounts moments when the memories nag away, wishing he could move on.”
– Christine Sloman


4. “Missing You” – Stephen Sanchez ft. Ashe
“Stunning… I 100% recommend [this song]!”
– Cass


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. The Thing With Feathers – “These Drugs”
2. Emei – “End of an Era”
3. A Days Wait – “Same Sense”
4.. Cherry Angel- “Caffeinated”
5. Avril Lavigne ft. YUNGBLUD – “I’m A Mess”
6. Zoë Ferguson – “Calories”
7. Cavetown – “1994”
8. Stephen Flickner ft. lil busy and No Motive – “Not Tonight”
9. Anna Baldree – “Tarantino”
10. The Backfires – “Reflections On My TV”
11. DYLYN – “Just a Boy”
12. Yung Gravy – “Dancing In The Rain”
13. Crawlers – “Fuck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)”
14. Field Guide – “You Could Be Free”
15. Stephen Sanchez ft. Ashe – “Missing You”
16. First Aid Kit – “Turning Onto You”
17. Caroline Romano – “Me After September”
18. LATE 90s ft. Spici Water – “Rust”
19. Emeryld – “Scandal”
20. Wild Rivers ft. Cabu – “Long Time – Cabu Remix”


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