Pink Elefants put their love to the test in “Foolish”


The guys in Pink Elefants like to keep things real and exciting, whether they are releasing genre-defying hits or telling it like it is with honest lyrics.  As long as there is something to write about, something to set to music, they go for it – and deliver!  You might even say that they might be too passionate about what they do, and maybe that is true.  Yet, if Pink Elefants are foolish for going after what they love, so be it; at least it makes for an awesome song.

Pink Elefants’ fourth single of 2021, “Foolish,” dives into the devotion that is given towards someone in a relationship.  With lyrics like, “Look at everything you’re making me do” and “You know the person I’m picking is you,” Pink Elefants are more than fine with going a little head over heels for someone they love.  The group explains, “The song is simply saying, ‘hey, I am not like those other guys, you know, the type who hit you up at 3am.’  This is an anthem to the people who are authentic and who will actually work for the ones they love.”

This “dating anthem” is all the more complete with its infectious hip-hop rhythms, funky guitar licks, and smooth synth work.  The rich, sweet melodies that come across set the perfect vibe for a date night or any “Netflix and Chill” situation, sure to serenade any listeners who stumble upon its path.  You can check out the animated video for the track below.

You can listen to “Foolish” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Pink Elefants:  Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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