Sophia Petro gets lost in the “Rosé Glow” on new single


Driven by her passion for music, Sophia Petro strives to create songs that will foster the same strong passion and connection with her fans. Along the way, she takes inspiration from artists like Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Gretta Ray, channeling their songwriting expertise into tracks that tell honest stories and experiences. Her previous releases like “Memory of You” and “Leave” have grabbed the attention of local and international publications and radio stations, music enthusiasts relating to her original lyrics and eclectic mix of pop, folk, and country styles. Her next single, “Rosé Glow,” continues to peg Sophia as an artist to watch, especially when her upcoming EP, The 11th Hour, drops on August 11.

A lush indie pop anthem, “Rosé Glow” serves as the perfect soundtrack to a night out. Throughout the track, Sophia describes those moments before hitting the town with friends, wondering where the night will take them. As she gets ready, she imagines a more intimate scene, one where she can get to know a love interest better. Over the simple and elegant melodies, she sings, “We don’t need the town, we’ll stay here instead” and “No more subtlety, no more words unsaid,” totally enveloped in the rosé glow. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Rosé Glow,” Sophia shares,

“Gabrielle [Emery, producer] put down a vibe (the iconic guitar lick at the beginning of the track), and I pulled up my notes app on my phone and started writing down lyric ideas. We wrote up until the end of the first chorus, and then I took it home and wrote the remainder of the song that very night because I was so inspired!”

You can listen to “Rosé Glow” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Sophia Petro: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube


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