James Hersey and Chromeo release feel-good track, “Closer”


It is one thing to fall in love, and another to fall in love for good.  As much as anyone wants to settle down, find “the one,” and be in love for the final time, the whole process is a bit daunting because what if this is not the right person?  The right moment?  When do you know?  How can you tell?

Having been there before, James Hersey has the inside scoop on what it means to fall in love for the last time, and was nice enough to put it in a song.  Teaming up with electro-funk duo, Chromeo, James gives us “Closer,” which touches on the concept of distance and being away from someone you love.  Describing moments in which he was away from his soul mate, James sings, “When I’m gone, it’s the hardest thing” and “Waking up don’t feel the same, not without you by my side,” showing that distance does make the heart grow fonder.  The idea of not being with this person was all it took for James to realize that this love was worth protecting, and was all he would ever want.

Even though there are moments in “Closer” when James reveals that he cannot exactly figure out what he is feeling, he was more than able to capture those feelings through the music.  He shares, “This song came from a sort of out-of-body experience I had falling in love for the last time.  It was the morning I describe at the beginning of the second verse – waking up at sunrise, watching airplanes overhead, imagining where they might be headed and how great it would be to be on my way to anywhere else. But for the first time in a long time, I realized I didn’t want to go alone.  I was tired of constantly saying good-bye to the person I loved, so this song represents the undercurrent of my greatest desire.”

The neo-disco beat really instills a feeling of contentment and positivity, forcing us to toss aside any unsure or unpleasant emotions.  Chromeo’s bright production adds a timeless quality to the track, ensuring that new generations of listeners will want to get up and dance to its sunny rhythms down the line.  The aesthetically pleasing visualizer for “Closer” brilliantly combines all of the shiny aspects of the track, fully bringing it to life.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “Closer” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with James Hersey:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website


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