Devon Thompson explores the concept of extreme fascination on “So Close”


With her dark aura and moody music, Devon Thompson is an artist who can truly shine during this time of year. The “intense alternative rock artist,” as claimed by the press, knows how to create strong storylines in her songs, even if the subject matter is a little emotional or traumatic. For Devon, writing is a form of therapy, as her words and stories bring her out of a bad place and into a more optimistic atmosphere. In doing so, she creates singles such as “Soft Like Water” and “Napoleon,” which were released earlier this year. Her dark and moody aesthetic can be found in the music videos for those tracks, from her black and white outfits to the vintage-style props on set. For her next single, “So Close,” Devon taps into goth-inspired poetry to create a deadly track that conjures up the spirit of Halloween – just in time for its arrival next week.

Have you ever wondered what would drive someone to take another’s life, especially the life of someone who was considered a lover? Devon has, which resulted in her new single “So Close.” Over the heavy bass lines and temperamental guitar, Devon gives us cool and collected vocals that exploit the slow-burning undertones of the track. She sings, “And I tried so hard / And I’d fall for so long / I got what I wanted / Nothing more,” exploring the idea of extreme fascination. Did this person take their love too far, or was love not in the equation at all? You can check it out in the fitting music video below.

About “So Close,” Devon shares,

“I was on a little bit of a ‘serial killer documentary’ kick when I got the inspiration for this song. It’s essentially a fictional story about a person who goes mad and kills their lover. Why did they do it? Did they do it because they’re just crazy? Did someone tell them to do it? In my head, they’ve been a serial killer all along, and one day something snaps in them, and all they can think about is the poetry and the beauty in their lover being buried in a beautiful garden.

Halloween embodies its theme. It also is the event or theme that I relate to the most and supports the dark edge to my music and my style. It’s always been my favorite holiday, and I’ve always wanted to release something that’s not a ‘Halloween song’ necessarily but that really has a darkness to it.”

You can listen to “So Close” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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