Johnny Randale release lyric video for “Heroes of the 90’s”


When asked how long ago the 90s were, most who grew up in that decade will claim that they only happened a few years ago.  Of course, it’s been more than a few years, but it just goes to show that the 90s are still very relevant in today’s culture.  Love for the decade comes in the form of mom jeans and the return of iconic 90s snacks in grocery stores, but the most nostalgic way to show appreciation for this time is through music.  Pop punk band, Johnny Randale, do just that with the release of their new single, “Heroes of the 90’s.”

Released last month, the single dives into all of the best parts of the 90s, in a manner similar to Bowling for Soup’s timeless classic, “1985.”  About the track, the band explain, “All of our band members grew up during the 90’s and we wanted to write an homage to this decade.  To all the things that were fun and that we miss, as well as to all the things we don’t.  The song is very upbeat, but still melodic and contains lots of pop cultural references – Pokémon was everywhere.”  Featuring lines like “The internet was new” and “There were no memes, no LCDs, no Instagram, no music streams,” any 90s kid will feel right at home when listening to the pop rock jam.

As all things Johnny Randale are done 100% by the band, the guys took it upon themselves to release a new lyric video for the track.  Containing colorful graphics and recognizable references to 90s culture, Johnny Randale perfectly nailed the era.  You can check out the band’s impressive work below.

You can listen to “Heroes of the 90’s” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Johnny Randale:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook


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