Bryce Vine unveils 2 song bundle ‘Mixed Feelings’


Bryce Vine is back with a force, releasing two new songs as part of a bundle Mixed Feelings. The two new songs within the bundle include “Blame it on Me”, and “The Game” featuring rising rapper Thutmose. Both songs are brilliant releases and both different in their own ways. “Blame it on Me” is the more upbeat positive track, while “The Game” is the other side to that, the more darker side.

On both of the tracks Vine explains; “I really wanted to show two different sides with this release. You’ve got one more lighthearted song with ‘Blame It On Me’. It’s honestly such a classic L.A. story. After this difficult last year, it’s fun to think of those crazy nights out. However, I didn’t want to ignore the darkness in the world, so ‘The Game’ represents the other side. You’ve got the weight of the moment we’ve lived through, but also something more escapist.”

Bryce is such an amazing storyteller through his music and it’s very evident in these two new songs. The duality of the lighter side and the darker side and writing about both while having a catchy beat behind each track is Bryce’s specialty. These new songs are some of his best work, and he’s only on the rise from here on out.

Check out the music video for “Blame it on Me” below. And stay tuned for more brilliant releases from Bryce in the future, we’re sure they’ll be great!

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