Cavetown Shares Dreamy New Song “Let Me Feel Low” Ft. Miloe



U.K superstar singer/songwriter Cavetown is back with a melancholic new song “Let Me Feel Low” featuring bedroom pop artist Miloe. Cavetown explains, “‘Let Me Feel Low’ is about rejecting toxic positivity and consciously giving yourself
space to feel sad or upset; to leave behind the pressure of an outside influence encouraging you to ‘cheer up.’ I was so
stoked to get to work with Miloe on this track. I love the vibe of his music, and his voice was a perfect fit for the mood I
was going for.”


It’s a brilliant track that starts off with a somber guitar melody and Robbie’s soft delicate vocals before is drowns out and picks back up in tempo, where the beat really kicks in. The addition of Miloe is perfect as his voice really fits the overall vibe of the song. Cavetown is a master at choosing who to work with on his songs. In a way the track makes you feel low but in a good way. We all have those moments when we just don’t feel like ourselves and we just wallow in our emotions, which is okay sometimes. This is what that song touches on. To be able to really feel what we are feeling in the moment and not feeling guilty about feeling so low. Robbie really did a great job at making it sound as the lyrics would suggest. It almost feels like a warm cup of tea on a fall day, or a long embrace, it’s very comforting. That’s what makes Cavetown so special, his ability to write captivating lyrics and make melodies that really make you feel every emotion so deeply. We can’t wait to see what else Cavetown has in store!


Check out the video to “Let Me Feel Low” ft Miloe, directed by Claire Marie Vogel!



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