The journey has been nothing but transformative for Maggie Lindemann, who has evolved from a social media pop star into a fearless alt-pop sensation.  In anticipation of her debut EP, PARANOIA, Maggie released several singles over the course of last year that were louder, bolder, and edgier than her fans were expecting.  Of course, these tracks went over very well, with fans sending streams of Maggie’s songs past the one billion mark.  But now that PARANOIA is officially out into the world, will fans take to it just as easily?

The EP begins with three of the four previously released singles.  We still get goosebumps when we hear “Knife Under My Pillow,” which opens up PARANOIA, as we relive the anxiety and fear that Maggie describes on the track.  The panic only increases after the track ends, though, coming in as loud and as clear as ever on the proceeding track, “GASLIGHT!”  Out of all the tracks on the EP, “GASLIGHT!” is the one that goes the hardest; you cannot shake the screams that Siiickbrain contributes to the track.  Luckily, “Scissorhands” is able to cut some of the tension we still feel after “GASLIGHT!,” focusing on a narrative that is still tragic, but not as devious.

Halfway through the EP, we have “Crash and Burn” and “Loner.”  Maggie’s pleading timbre works so well on these tracks, where she describes different forms of isolation.  On “Crash and Burn,” for instance, we hear about a relationship that is being left for dead.  How are you expected to work things out when the other person always walks away?  On the other hand, maybe being alone is not such a bad thing – a concept we hear on “Loner.”  Between hasty guitar riffs and heavy walls of sound, Maggie proudly boasts about how independent she feels when she is alone, making us see “loners” in a better light.

The last portion of PARANOIA begins with “Love Songs.”  The acoustic track is a stand-out moment on the EP, as it takes us to a safer, quieter space.  We hear just how pure and sincere Maggie’s voice really is, and fall in love with the sentiments she presents.  Even though the track is almost over too soon, its elegance stays with us as we move to the next track, “Different.”  While the rhythms and beats pack a punch, the melodies that Maggie sings are light and smooth; we are reminded just how well she can balance the strong and the subtle.

Appropriately so, the EP concludes on the notion of strength with “It’s Not Your Fault.”  The track represents all of the themes we have heard on the EP thus far, such as love, independence, and tragedy.  Out of everything, though, we cannot help but identify with the song’s relentless vibes; we stand with Maggie, and support the concept of doing what is right for yourself.

In the end, PARANOIA does live up to all of the hype.  The EP is an extension of the singles that were released last year, creating a fiery, pop punk world that you just have to be a part of.  While I wish there was more space for songs like “Love Songs” on the EP, I appreciate all that the EP has to offer.  Overall, Maggie came in very strong with PARANOIA, and I am excited to find out what she will create for her debut album.

You can listen to PARANOIA on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Maggie Lindemann:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website

Christine Sloman
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