Taylor Bickett celebrates her “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS” in new music video


In October of last year, Nashville-based artist Taylor Bickett released her breakout single, “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS.” It exploded, to put it mildly. The track was streamed over 18 million times, included in over 400k videos by users across social media, and recognized by Drew Barrymore, who used the track in a “now and then” video posted on social media. Fans are very much drawn to Taylor’s “long-lost older sister” vibes, eager to turn to her for advice or to listen to her problems. The singer-songwriter even calls herself a “professional oversharer,” more than fine with creating relatable works of art out of her personal experiences. To celebrate her 24th birthday, Taylor is giving fans a special gift with a music video for this extraordinary single.

In the video below, we watch as Taylor gets through her shift at the local diner. She does what she has to do, of course, which involves cleaning countertops and mopping the floors. However, in between all the work, she gets out her acoustic guitar and starts reminiscing on her life. We then see versions of Taylor from the past and present coming together in the diner, ready to embrace whatever the future has in store. You can check it out below.

About the video, Taylor shares,

“My first ever music video. This was such a special process start to finish, and such a special song. Getting to release it on my 24th birthday felt like fate, a closing to the 23 chapter but in no way a closing to the quarter life crisis one (don’t think the chaos is going away any time soon). I hope you love it as much as I do!!! Huge thank you to everyone who made it happen.”

You can listen to “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Taylor Bickett: Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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