Maggie Lindemann Obliges Her Paranoia on Chilling Single, ‘Knife Under My Pillow’


Anxiety is a ruthless nightmare – just ask Maggie Lindemann.  The 22 year-old gets right down to the point, literally, in her new single, “Knife Under My Pillow,” where she becomes the victim of her own imagination…or does she?

The alt-pop track is based on Maggie’s experience living in a house that made her feel vulnerable and unsafe.  She describes the experience in chilling detail, going back and forth between reality and fantasy.  Is someone really in the house with her?  Is she going crazy?   We hear Maggie try to sort through her thoughts, as she sings, “I know I’ve made this call before / Not crying wolf, I’m pretty sure,” but struggles to find some closure.  She senses that her fear and anxiety is just getting the better of her, but still checks the locks on the door, sleeps with the lights on, and keeps a knife under her pillow – just in case.

The music that accompanies this horror movie is fearless and straightforward, to assuage the mania from the lyrics.  The verses are bright and mellow, but start to build up once we approach the choruses.  Once there, everything spikes – the drums are more agitated and unyielding, the guitar lines are louder, and the bass is more exaggerated.  After the final chorus plays out, you are left wanting more.  You can listen to it all play out below.

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Christine Sloman
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