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Recommended Tracks:  Rare, Lose You To Love Me, Fun
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When you are in the spotlight, it can be easy to share way too much about your personal life with the public, never giving a second thought as to whether or not you should have been so open.  And then, there’s Selena Gomez.  We have seen Selena at her highest, as well as her lowest, but she has kept a lot of her thoughts and feelings about these ups and downs private.  Now, five years after releasing her previous album, Selena is ready to discuss some of these experiences and what she has learned from them on her third album, Rare.

The album begins with the title track, “Rare,” which is the first of many empowering songs on Rare.  Selena tells us about a relationship in which she was not treated as well as she should have been treated, but she does so in a way that does not come across as needy or demanding.  She just wants to be seen as someone worth having, which is how everyone should feel about themselves.  The slinky music on the track enhances its vibe, giving us the grace and the spontaneity that we all feel from the words.

There is a lot of variety on this album, where tracks can fit under one category, but are able to touch on different aspects of that category.  For instance, “Dance Again,” “Ring,” and “Fun” are all about enjoying what life has to offer, but in different ways.  On “Dance Again,” Selena tells us about how  liberating and therapeutic it can be to get out on the dance floor, while “Ring” is about how fun it can be to just let your suitors chase after you.  Each track also feels like it belongs to itself, where the music distinguishes one song from another.

Of course, we need to have darker songs on the album to balance out the feel-good tracks.  About halfway through Rare is a song called “Vulnerable,” which sounds super modern and upbeat, but is extremely emotional.  We learn that there are always going to be situations where someone could tear us down, but Selena seems okay with taking the chance and has figured out a way to embrace her vulnerability.  Sometimes, some good can come from it, as we hear on “Lose You To Love Me.”

Overall, there is a lot of depth on Rare, whether it be through the lyrics or the melodies.  We experience a lot of feelings and are given many messages to help us as we go through our own journeys in life.  In addition, the music on each track was eccentric and creative – from handclapping to electric guitar solos, there were a lot of unique moments!  The album’s title definitely serves it justice, as this is not an album that you come across every day; it was well worth the wait.

You can stream Rare on platforms like as Spotify and Apple Music.

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