Recommended Songs: Addicted, Home Alone, I’ll Be There, I Do It All For You. 

Walk Off The Earth is a band well known for their perfect harmonies and use of instruments not used by your typical bands, such as: kazoos, didgeridoos, theremins, and guiharpuleles. The bands creativity and uniqueness creates music that is uplifting, makes you feel good, and has a sound that can’t be created by any other band. This new album Here We Go! incorporates these roots, but gives us a new sound, different from their previous albums. This new album tackles topics of life, love and heartbreak. 

Sometimes in life, we may feel out of place, and we search for something more. Dreamers is a song that explains that feeling. Overtime explains the grind to reach those dreams, despite others doubts, and what you have to do to reach those goals, although it may not be easy. 

There are a lot of songs about love on this album, which is not surprising, as the band speaks often about spreading love and positivity. Addicted To You is about when you’re not looking for anything, and trying to live your own life, but when that special person comes around, it’s hard to not be curious about what could be when you’re “one kiss away from addicted”. This song is definitely one you can dance to, and one you will want to play on repeat. Home Alone is about when the night is ending, you know that you don’t want to be away from that special person, and having the guts to tell to them how you’re feeling. Call It On is about understanding love and what someone means to you. Under A Tree covers that story of someone catching your eye and falling in love, to starting a family, and the beginning of forever. I Do It All For You is a song about the lengths you go to for the people you love. All of these songs are upbeat, catchy, and lively. Sometimes love goes wrong though, but WOTE has you covered. 

Lost In You is a song about reminiscing on love, when things are good, and there is no trouble. When you’re trying to find yourself again, after everything has gone wrong. The song starts out with light and simple ukulele and vocals, and turns into a powerful song with strong harmonies, and they make you feel what it is like to struggle moving on. Heartbreak can be caused by many things though. In 2018 the band lost a member, Mike Taylor. Mike’s Song is about living after such a loss. Knowing that things will be okay and learning how to live without them, but having that heartache when someone so important is gone. Sometimes when we do unfortunately have to bare pain and hard times in our lives and we need people to help us through it. I’ll Be There is about being that person that can help someone through those difficult times in life. 

Walk Off The Earth has a way of taking these more serious topics, and turning them into music that has a beautiful and positive message behind it. This new album is unique, beautiful, catchy, and reviving. 


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