INTERVIEW: Ready The Prince


MM: Where is your favourite place to perform? 

Jordan: England. 

Dan: I would probably say England as well. It’s pretty bomb. 

Steve: Maybe Europe in general, but Toronto is great. 

MM: What is your favourite song to perform live? 

Dan: I would probably say Torn Up. 

Jordan: I’m going to say All The Love. 

Steve: We have a new song that’s called Lightning. 

MM: What is your favourite part of being in the music industry?

Steve: Being able to do this is incredible and making friends with all different musicians and fans of music. 

Jordan: It’s nice to have friends in other cities. 

Dan: I love the amount of sleep we get. 

MM: Who/What are some of your musical inspirations? 

Jordan: We all listen to Radiohead. 

Dan: Recently I’ve been liking Chon for guitar stuff. 

Steve: John Mayer, Kings Of Leon, and of course cleopatrick.

MM: What are your plans for the future. What’s next? 

Steve: Our first album, soon. That’s the plan. 

Jordan: Enjoying ourselves.

Dan: Playing shows.

Steve: Get into the US for the first time, get back out to Europe again. 

MM: What is your writing process like? 

Jordan: It’s quite simple really. 

Steve: We will send each other a song. It works in different ways. Sometimes I will have a verse and a chorus and then I’ll send it to these guys, and we’ll be like ah it’s cool, and then work on it in the room, and then from there it just takes off. Or it doesn’t. 

Jordan: And we never speak of it again. 

Steve: Or we take a riff and just work on it and jam and then that becomes a song. It’s pretty simple. 

MM: What is your dream tour? 

Steve: New Rock Mafia Tour. Definitely a dream tour. 





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