Live Photos + REVIEW: Melanie Martinez // Atlanta, GA


Tuesday night brought out a huge crowd to the Coca-cola Roxy in Atlanta as Melanie Martinez and Lauren Ruth Ward  kicked off the K-12 Tour.

Opening the tour’s first real show was Lauren Ruth Ward who brought tons of energy to the stage. The crowd was buzzing with energy as Lauren sang and spoke to the crowd. She recounted her first meeting with Melanie on ‘The Voice’ and how far they’ve come since then, stating how proud she is of Melanie and all she has done. With Lauren’s infectious energy, catchy songs, and amazing stage presence, she is an opening act you do not want to miss.

Before Melanie took the stage, you could practically feel the excitement in the room as fans waited patiently to hear the opening note of Melanie’s set.With more than two years since Melanie last toured, fans were anxious to be able to see Melanie preform live again. There was a video played introducing one of the characters and immersing the crowd into the k-12 theme of the concert. After the video, Melanie came out and started singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’, one of the hit songs from the album, with intricate choreography and stunning visuals. Melanie’s latest album ‘K-12’ came out a month prior to the show accompanied with a movie that Melanie had written and directed, and  the concert felt as if you were placed into the movie. With the costumes, choreography, and even characters coming to interact with the crowd in between songs, the show was a captivating performance.

After a short change in between songs, Melanie came onto the stage after ‘The principal’ to play one of the most popular songs off of the album, ‘Show and Tell’. Melanie came out on a heart shaped stage fashioned as a sort of marionette, and did the iconic choreography from ‘K-12’. The crowd enthusiastically sang along as Melanie and her dancers preformed the song, and some people in the crowd even attempted to dance along to the choreography. The song was fantastic live and the set design was practically identical to that of the movie.

After ‘Show and Tell’, Melanie came out with another visually impressive performance of ‘Nurse’s Office’. Everyone had changed outfits and Melanie got onto a hospital bed to preform this song as footage from the movie played in the background. With the scenes from ‘K-12’ playing, it truly felt as if you were teleported in the movie once more, creating a unique experience for everyone in attendance.

The show ended with Melanie playing some favorites off of ‘Cry Baby’, including: ‘Alphabet Boy’, ‘Sippy Cup’, and ‘Mad Hatter’. Fans sang along at the top of their lungs, proving their love for Melanie’s music and creating an unmistakable energy in the room. Melanie shared her gratitude at the end, thanking everyone for coming out and wishing that everyone had a good time, saying how thankful she was to have everyone come support her first real live show on the tour. Overall, the show was phenomenal and if you are looking for an unforgettable live experience, go see Melanie Martinez on the rest of the ‘K-12 Tour’. The bubblegum visuals and amazing music will not leave you disappointed.


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