LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: Saint Motel // Atlanta, GA


Thursday night brought out an excited crowd to Saint Motel‘s sold out show at the Buckhead Theatre. The show was opened by Kolars, a Los Angeles based duo, who brought a fun new wave sound to the stage. Kolars captivated everyone in attendance with their sequined outfits and energetic performance. If you’re looking for a reason to come early, their set will not leave you disappointed.

After Kolars left the stage, the crowd almost couldn’t wait for Saint Motel. Finally, the lights dimmed and the venue filled with cheers. Saint Motel’s entrance definitely did not disappoint. The lead singer, AJ, got–as the narration announced– trapped under an avalanche. He freed himself, jumped onstage with a parka, and started playing Cold Cold Man. The crowd was dancing within seconds, happy to hear the energetic classic. With almost three years since Saint Motel were in Atlanta, the crowd was ecstatic to see them again. The setlist was fantastic, and they made sure to include all of the favorites from each album/EP.

Their energy on stage was amazing as well, interacting with the crowd several times each song. The crowd looked like they couldn’t stop dancing, even if they wanted to. Before Sweet Talk , they rehearsed with the crowd to make sure everyone sang in unison. This has been a live tradition ever since Sweet Talk came out, and was great to see again. The Motion Picture Soundtrack theme brought a lot to the show. Between the outfit changes and the occasional narrated interludes, there was always something new going on. Although sadly, the show had to come to an end at some point. For the encore, they played Butch, Van Horn, and My Type. The encore was an amazing way to end such a fantastic show. With how loud everyone was singing, you could probably hear My type from outside the venue. It seemed like no one wanted the show to end, but everyone was glad to have one more dance. After Saint Motel left the stage, there was a moment of silence before everyone clapped with elated smiles on their faces. This show is definitely one to remember.

Overall, the show was phenomenal. If the Motion Picture Soundtrack tour is coming near you, definitely go see them. With the infectious energy, creative storytelling, and amazing music, it is a show that will make you Move.

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