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Arizona born singer, songwriter, and actress Kiana Ledé is a girl of many talents who has recently honed in on music and showed the world how good of a sonic artist she actually is. After getting large notoriety from projects Selfless and Myself along with a number of cosigns, she has embarked on her own headlining “Myself Tour”. On September 27, 2019 this tour reached Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre.

Embrace Presents and Sidestage Presents teamed up to host this concert and ultimately sold out the Mod Club. The night opened with artists Notifi and Alec King, both who delivered strong sets and had the crowd very engaged. Alec King surprised the crowd with his grit for rapping and bar to bar ability while Notifi’s vocals took the entire crowd by surprise. Notifi’s sheer harmonizing vocals and strong melodies had known fans in the audience singing along and people unfamiliar with the artist utterly intrigued. It is clear that — whether knowing him prior or not — everybody in the audience left as a Notifi fan. Check out Notifi’s new project Collateral here.

As for Kiana Ledé’s set, she took the crowd on a roller-coaster of emotions whilst creating an atmospheric and euphoric sonic experience. Jumping between songs which consisted of different thematic nature — from the vulnerable and raw ballads on Selfless to the confident heavy-hitters from Myself, she audibly unpacked the different layers to her personality and authenticity. These are perhaps the two traits which make her such a great artist.




The visual aspect to this show should be noted as well. The lighting was done very well, complimenting her stage attire. Her accompanying band also did a great job on playing live music to back her strong and dreamy vocals. She had a soliloquy to give a speech and talk about which events inspired certain songs — which was a nice compliment to the overall performance. The standout moment from the performance was definitely the live rendition of “Can I“; the crowd roared with excitement when the familiar percussion of the song begun and harmonized along to it word-for word.

Ultimately, the show was very fun yet touched upon sensitive topics. It made the crowd relax for a bit and party with Kiana, yet, it reminded them that they are not alone in the world when it comes to the emotional downturns and tough aspects of life. Kiana’s performance showed that life carries both its highs and lows and she delivered this message in the format of memorable songs; which the crowd loved and will definitely not forget hearing live. Kiana Ledé put on a performance that outdid herself. Melodic Magazine is excited to see what is yet to come for the young songstress and how her career and musical sytle continues to evolve.

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