LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: Raveena // Toronto, ON


Having recently dropped her album Lucid, the Indian-American songstress has embarked on a Fall 2019 headlining North-American tour. On September 16, 2019, the “Lucid Tour” stopped at Toronto’s very own Opera House

It is hard to label Raveena’s concert as just a “show” due to everything that the night holistically encompassed. All the way from the attention to detail placed on the set to the level of engagement between audience and performer, Raveena and her team created a very memorable experience. This all begun from the second she stepped foot on the stage to a stage design which reflected her album and visually highlighted the sensuous imagery present in her project Lucid. The lighting, ornaments, and on-stage choreography treated to fans to a visual experience as great as an audible one. The audible experience namely included live renditions of her songs which sounded very reminiscent to the studio-recorded versions. Her smooth and euphoric voice which bounced off the light synth and live-band harmonies put the crowd into a trance for the entire show — with individuals moving their bodies and singing along to Raveena’s powerful words. Standout moments include her performances of “If Only” and “Still Dreaming”. Additionally, she even held a moment of silence in the middle of her set to mediate with the crowd and dispel all negative energies — as akin to what she stands for as an artist. She reassured the audience that everything occurring within the night was occurring within a safe space and  she continuously put precedent on connecting and engaging with every fan within the venue. Whether this have been through acknowledging individuals within the audience or reassuring that she has been through the experiences of the audience, this was a recurring motif throughout the night.

On top of her artistic ability, what makes Raveena stand out as an artist is her vulnerability. Having experienced her fair share of hardships, inclusive to domestic violence and sexual abuse, Raveena does not repress her past, but rather acknowledge and use it to build her own character. In doing this, she reveals the scars and hurt that she once carried but also becomes her own symbol of hope. Seeing Raveena flourish and be a catalyst of happiness to others is as heart-warming as it is moving. These topics are touched upon in her music and are equally just as represented in her live performance through her aforementioned audience engagement and creation of a safe space.

Ultimately, Raveena’s performance created an aura of tranquility, peace, and sonic excellence. The crowd enjoyed it to the point where after she had gotten off the stage, a large roar of “one more song” prompted her, along with her entire band ensemble, to deliver an emotional live rendition of “Mama”. As Raveena’s performance has proved to be so much more than just a “show”, it is highly recommended that one attend a Raveena concert and partake in the experience. Melodic Magazine is excited for the rest of the tour and what is yet to come with Raveena’s career.



Remaining Tour Dates 

09/22/2019: U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC

09/24/2019: Vinyl – Atlanta, GA

09/26/2019: The Parish – Austin, TX

09/27/2019: Club Dada – Dallas, TX

09/30/2019: Observatory – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA

10/01/2019: The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

10/02/2019: The Loft @ UC San Diego – San Diego, CA


To purchase tickets for her tour, click here.

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