LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: Butch Dawson // Toronto, ON


On October 31, 2019, Butch Dawson preformed in Toronto’s Opera House as the opening act for the “JPEGMAFIA Type Tour”.  Merely referring to Butch Dawson as an opening act greatly discredits the show that the Baltimore rapper and JPEGMAFIA affiliate put on. By the end of his set, the musician had effectively created moshpits, had his name being chanted, and created a definite intrigue into his artistry.

Throughout the course of his career, Butch Dawson has become one of the most prominent faces in the Baltimore hip hop scene. Furthermore, instances such as this night showed his ambition and ability to take his talents much farther than his hometown. Butch had the entire 1000 people in the audience on their toes and was able to get the energy of the crowd very high. His live rendition of  “Division St Blues” showed how well his ability to preform was along with his ability to incorporate stage alterations into his set.


On top of his already impressive talent, Butch Dawson incorporated the performance tricks of a seasoned veteran into his show. He jumped down from the stage into the press pit to interact with the fans, he constantly measured the energy/vibe of the crowd to ensure that he was doing well, and he even invited a fan on stage to rap with him.

By the end of his performance and even after Butch walked off, chants of “Butch! Butch! Butch!” could be heard; proving that the musician did well and earned the respect of the crowd. Some openers are there to simply pass the time until the headliner’s set approaches. However, Butch Dawson uplifted the energy and spirit of the crowd by giving a performance that not only appeased the crowd, but left that audience more excited than ever for JPEGMAFIA. As a  headliner, I cannot imagine what more they would want from an opener than what Butch Dawson was able to provide to JPEGMAFIA.

With all this being said, it is inevitable that Butch Dawson will continue to elevate his already impressive craft and gain more notoriety to eventually uplift himself to the status of a headliner. Melodic Magazine is excited for that moment and cannot wait to catch Butch Dawson on his own tour.

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