LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: NXNE presents Killy // Toronto, ON


Killy’s epic finale to NXNE 2019 may have been the most anticipated NXNE event ever. The Toronto rapper’s cult fan base is eager to see him preform wherever he goes and thus NXNE was no exception. Prior to his set even starting, one could tell that this was the event of the night, the biggest takeaway from the festival, and the one event nobody would want to miss. This was shown as Yonge and Dundas started to pack up an hour prior to Killy’s set and eager chants of “Killy! Killy! Killy!” would often overpower the DJ set that was played during the intermission prior to his own set. When the clock finally hit 9:15, the humming buzz of “Surrender (Intro)” started playing as Killy came on to grace the stage.

Initially however, Killy’s energy did not match the bar that he has set himself to as a performer. Perhaps this may have been due to the outstandingly high energy of the NXNE crowd but Killy – for the most part – walked back and forth on the stage for the duration of this intro. “Surrender (Intro)” is a song of very high energy, so to see Killy sluggishly sly around while this track was playing, was not the greatest first impression. However, by the next couple of songs – namely new hit “Swag Flu” – Killy found his energy and returned to his usual stage jumping and mosh pit inducing antics. Once Killy was able to find his energy and surpass this initial “slump”, his set went from good to amazing. Killy was giving it his all and the crowd kept getting louder and happier. This set an interesting premise for the night; up-keeping a lively atmosphere.

His set was also cleverly put together as it included both fan favorites such as “Deadtalks”, but also seamlessly transitioned to songs off his latest project Light Path 8 which dropped little over a week prior to this performance. Despite the recency of these said songs, fans still sung along to new tracks such as “Simulation”, showing their dedication to the artist.

Killy even stage dived and surfed the crowd for a good portion of his set, truly connecting with the audience. It is also important to note that Killy is currently on tour with artist Nav right now, therefore, coming back to his hometown to preform a FREE show at NXNE’s festival village is a truly class move by Killy.

Ultimately, once Killy was able to find himself and display his usual stage antics through amazing energy, substantial movement, and a sonically great performance, this became – without a doubt – the best performance of NXNE 2019 and one of the best NXNE performances ever.


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