LIVE PHOTOS + REVIEW: NXNE presents anders // Toronto, ON


Mississauga native, anders, has steadily developed himself into a top-tier R&B singer over the past couple of years. He released two EPs met with praise – 669 and Twos – along with selling out his very first concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. On top of this, his team and personal brand “NST” is a very formidable support system that the artist has integrated his sound with and built well around himself. The entire NST team moves like a family, akin to that of Drake‘s OVO Sound.

The significance of all this was clear and synonymous with anders’ headlining NXNE performance as when the time was nearing for anders to preform, one could slowly see the entire NST brand filling the stage. His photographers, band, managers etc. began to appear in NST labelled hoodies which truly accentuated the vibes for his performance and built up anticipation.

When it was time for him to come on, there was also a clear shift in the atmosphere for the NXNE stage. It began to shift from nonchalant audience members and passerbys who were casually enjoying NXNE into anders’ dedicated fanbase ready to see him live. This was great for NXNE as not only did it introduce passerbys and casual music fans to their festival, however, bringing out an artist with as dedicated a fan base as anders also brought in devoted music enthusiasts to their crowd. The mixture of rising and established talent created a great balance in the NXNE festival giving both new fans a reason to check out the weekend’s festivities along with appeasing dedicated veteran fans.

Ultimately, anders’ performance did indeed deliver to the precedent he has set himself up to as an artist. On top of preforming an extensive genre-bending catalog of hits – including hard hitters like “Bad Habits” and slow ballads like “Rain” – anders genuinely gave it his all during the performance. He frequently interacted with the crowd, constantly checked the mood of the audience, and elevated his performance antics with utilizing his live band to the largest extent he could. More simply put, he sonically delivered – as always – along with clearly giving it his everything. At the end of it all, this made for a great second last performance to NXNE’s final day of festival village.

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