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Having been around for only a few short years, Jack Jagger is ready to officially “demonstrate the future of rock n roll” with their debut EP, Gold Digger.  The Tampa Bay-based band, comprised of friends Nick Cedela and Lani Daniels, have been working on this EP for the past year, keeping us on the edge of our seats for its release.  Fans of alt-rock music far and wide are sure to strike gold with any of the EP’s four tracks.

The Florida rockers grip us right from the start with the title track, “Gold Digger.”  It opens with an infectious guitar riff that recurs throughout the track, interjecting fire and ardor between the verses.  Lani’s valiant vocals bring the lyrics to life, describing the maniacal ways of a supposed gold digger.  He sings, “you dream of gold / with empty pockets and a heart of stone / you run around wearing sheep’s clothes / attract your prey by striking a pose.”

Another head-banging guitar riff kicks off the second track, “Human Disease.”  The track has a push-pull kind of energy, which is emphasized by the dramatic pauses that occur before each chorus.  All of the tension is reflected in the lyrics of the track, as we hear about a back-and-forth relationship.  There is something not quite right about the girl in the relationship, yet she is very addicting; she is a human disease that our subject cannot fight off.

The third track, “Justify,” consists of high-energy drumming that supersedes those familiar, gritty guitar motifs.  Jack Jagger shine a more positive light on love on this track, as we hear about an unwavering kind of love.  The subject of the song has lost his way a few times, has messed up, but his love is the one thing that holds true; it does not need to be jusitified.

Closing the EP is the climactic fourth track, “Rule Your World.”  It has a mellow, more stripped-back beginning, consisting of light guitar strumming.  If anyone thought that the EP would end with a more relaxed track, they were sure to be proven wrong, as that signature Jack Jagger-punch quickly comes through and changes the mood of the track.  As the track progresses, the instrumentation gets more intense, adding depth to the pain found in the lyrics.

With the team of Candlebox’s Pete Klett, Don Miggs, Danny D’Brito, and Grammy-nominated James Forbes, Gold Digger was sure to be a work of art.  This EP is a great introduction to Jack Jagger’s world and makes you feel as if you are standing front row at one of their shows.  The spunk that you hear on each track showcases Jack Jagger’s unique character and makes them a strong force in the alt-rock world today.

You can stream Gold Digger on sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Jack Jagger:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

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