WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP IT’S A PUNK ROCK REVOLUTION! English alternative pop-rock band The 1975 has that ‘in your face’ attitude with their new lead single, People, they are demanding for people to listen. Continuing with the same political conscious elements as their previous release titled The 1975, while they had 16-year old climate activist Greta Thunberg as she declared ‘Now it is not the time for speaking politely or focusing on what we can or cannot say. Now is the time to speak clearly.’ Well, they warned us, it’s not the time to sit back and that is clear in People.

People, the newest song on their upcoming album titled Notes on a Conditional Form immediately comes for you with the rock guitar riffs and singer Matty Healy’s shout like demands to wake the fuck up because the world is not okay, to say the least. The 1975 is already undeniably one of the best bands of this generation (it had to be said) and yet they were able to turn it up a notch, Matty has never sounded so alive than he does in this song, almost as if he were screaming into a megaphone in this fast-paced track. ‘We are appalling and we need to stop watching shit in bed // And I know it sounds boring and we like things that are funny but we need to get this in our fucking heads// The economy is a goner, republic’s a banana, ignore if you wanna’ are shrieked in this electrifying single.

The music video is just as out there as the song itself, Matty Healy channels his own inner Marilyn Manson with the oil like slick hair, and with all the stereotypical rock-star jabs, hip thrusts, blowing kisses to the camera, the leg kicks and my personal favorite, the effects of said rock-star grabbing the camera mid-song. After this song, there is no doubt that The 1975 is indeed a punk band.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKdPxXWm7Jg[/embedyt]

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