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October 28, 2019, was the night that alternative metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon rocked out the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida. These lads brought Florida bound alt-rock band Sleeping With Sirens and electropop (turned nu-metal?) singer professionally known as Poppy along the road as well. 

Starting the night was singer Poppy, coming on stage I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when the first song Concrete began I was pleasantly surprised. 

Sleeping With Sirens is one of those bands that followed me throughout my young teenage years to now and when they ended their set with If You Can’t Hang brought out the fourteen-year-old in me. That’s not to say that I didn’t rock out to their newer songs like Agree To Disagree and Kick Me when the band played them. Halfway into the set rain began to pour leaving the rest of the night to be a soaked out but wonderful mess.

Bring Me The Horizon may be one of my favorite top bands so everything might be a little biased, sue me. As soon as Bring Me The Horizon entered the stage the crowd went wild. The band started their setlist with one of their latest album singles, Mantra, and went as far as back to their fourth album with Shadow Moses and Can You Feel My Heart. The night may have been dwindling down but the crowd was just getting started, the rain began to pick back and you could hear the chants throughout the venue. 

Rain or shine fans stuck together, rallied in the pit and sang their heart out to their favorite songs. 

Check out the photos below!

Lyric Beyerl
Lyric Beyerl
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