The All-American Rejects Release New Tracks + Music Video


Over the past few years, The All-American Rejects have been creeping on and off the scene.  After releasing Kids in the Street in 2012, the sassy alt-rockers have been holding us over with singles, but have been keeping quiet about whether or not a new album is on the horizon.  While we still do not know about plans for an album yet, we have been given a few more singles, which show that AAR are still here, conspiring.

Instead of releasing one single this time, Tyson and the gang have released a “three-song single,” meaning that they have released three new tracks at once.  This “mini-EP,” as I call it, consists of the tracks, “Send Her To Heaven,” “Gen Why? (DGAF),” and “Demons.”  The songs do not depend on each other to tell a story, necessarily, but they do share similar narratives.  Touching on confusing, relatable aspects of life, they fit in with all of the other songs in the band’s repertoire just fine.

These songs are full of AAR’s signature crooning sounds and unapologetic choruses.  The first track, “Send Her To Heaven,” sounds like that classic slow song you would hear at a school dance.  The subject matter, though, is not as innocent, as it deals with a party girl who is struggling with addiction.  The next track, “Gen Why? (DGAF),” is about millennials and paints a less-than-becoming image of that generation.  While I am still trying to figure out if it is calling out Generation Y or just making a funny observation of them, I am entertained nonetheless.  The last track, “Demons,” is another slow one that shines some light on the internal struggles that we all have within ourselves.

You can stream all three tracks on sites like Spotify and Apple Music and be sure to check out the music video for “Send Her To Heaven” below!

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