Bastille Confirm New Album, Release Tour Dates


For the past couple of weeks, Bastille have been teasing us about the end of days.  They posted some cryptic messages on social media and encouraged us to go to “,” making us feel equally scared and excited for what they could possibly be up to next.  Last week, they released a single, “Doom Days,” which addressed the questionable state of society.  This week, they have released another single, announced a new album, and announced tour dates that will support the new album.  The next Bastille era is definitely upon us.

The indie rock band’s third album, Doom Days, will be released June 14.  The band have mentioned that the 11 tracks on the album focus on different events that take place on one apocalyptic night.  Based on the album title, we have reason to believe that most of the tracks will be dark and sinister.  However, the band just released the last tack of the album, making us feel that not all hope will be lost.  This track, “Joy,” is an upbeat jam, sure to bring comfort to anyone’s day and diminish any uneasy feelings.

Bastille could have stopped there, but they also decided to announce the first run of tour dates for Doom Days.  If you go onto the band’s website, you will see two different tours for the album.  The first tour is listed as “Doom Days Tour. Part 1” and will take place in the US.  The second tour is listed as “Doom Days Club Nights,” will take place in the UK.  It appears that these tours will keep the band busy until the end of the year; no word yet on when the next run will begin.

You can listen to “Doom Days” and “Joy” on sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Purchase tour tickets here.

Pre-order Doom Days here.

Keep up with Bastille:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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