JUNO VINE hits choppy waters on “LOVE ON A BOAT”


After moving from New York to Israel during his teen years, JUNO VINE found himself at the crux of many expressions of style and forms of music. The producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist was inspired by what he saw, taking daily interactions and observations and transforming them into songs that enable listeners to think and feel. When listening to tracks like “FEVER” or “2020,” for instance, fans will be able to pick up on JUNO’s signature sound, a mix of honest lyrics with organic and electronic elements. On JUNO’s new single, “LOVE ON A BOAT,” he flaunts this technique, delivering a memorable summer track that will keep you company if spending your days out on the water.

For “LOVE ON A BOAT,” JUNO combines electronic guitar, light percussion, and light beats for a warm indie pop production. The hopeful chords that float out of the song instill the feeling that something great is about to happen and we are moving towards it with each downbeat. With vocals that flow in and out, JUNO counteracts this sound and describes a tormented love, one that no longer exists. He sings, “I came in like a storm / And I took you home / I was just getting better / Then you broke my heart,” before claiming, “I miss your face / I miss your ways / I miss your style / Love on a boat.” Even though the lyrics are dejected, the music comforts and guides us along towards new possibilities. You can check it out below.

About “LOVE ON A BOAT,” JUNO explains,

“In 2017, after a five-year relationship that ended, I found myself on a cruise ship near California for five days. One night, I received a confusing letter from her, and as I slept, I had a dream, one of those dreams where you are sure you’re completely in reality. I dreamed that I was coming back like a superhero and saving us. Not because it was right, but because I needed something to bring me back to life. I wanted to feel ‘good’ again. When I woke up and left the room, I faced nothing that was in front of me, the endless sea, and I realized that in all the sadness I was in, I actually miss myself. I realized that I was in an internal conflict with the pain of losing, but more than anything, the difficulty of getting back to know myself alone. It’s about soul-searching and reconciliation with what was.”

You can listen to “LOVE ON A BOAT” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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