LIVE PHOTOS: San E and Mad Clown // Atlanta, GA


Korean rappers San E and Mad Clown started the “We Want You” Tour in Atlanta, GA, San E’s hometown. With 19 stops, Sobae and Dj juice tag along as the openers.

As the show began, Dj Juice starts off the show by getting everyone to dance, filling the club venue with excitement. Singer Sobae takes the stage to promote her newest single “Homegirl,.“Having already captivated the audience with her voice and persona, Sobae gets the crowd rallied up as she asks them who they came to see San E or Mad Clown.

As the big moment finally arrives, San E and Mad Clown take the stage and transform the first portion of their show into a rap battle, as they perform several bits of their featured hits. Once the battle ends, San E demanded the audience to select a winner. Several scream Mad Clown, as he yelled “this is my hometown, you’re supposed to vote for me!” It’s all fun and laughter for the first portion of the show.

The second portion of the show involved each rapper taking the stage individually. With such unique styles, both Mad Clown and San E had the audience wild dancing and rapping along to every single word. With all the passion that was showcased, it’s very clear why these two are considered accomplished rappers. San E had the crowd dancing, and singling along to the featured vocals, while Mad Clown had audience members channeling their anger through his darker lyrics. After having one on one time with the audience, both audience finished the show by performing their most recent collaboration: “Butterfly.”

For any fan of Korean Rap, the “We Want You” Tour is a show that one must attend. By the end of night, you will quickly realize how tired you are from all the screaming and jumping, and will be hoping that these two will be back to your town. So if you have not had the chance and are able to attend a show, it’s highly recommended that you go ahead and buy a ticket!

Check out some of the images from the Atlanta show!

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