LIVE REVIEW: MXM Will Leave You Begging For More


Buckhead Theatre // Atlanta, GA // Jan. 21, 2019

Gaining fame from their Produce 101 days and debuting back in late 2017, the charismatic, Korean duo known as MXM already has quite an impressive discography: a full album and two EP’s filled with numerous bops. Constantly working hard and showcasing their amazing talents, members Youngmin and Donghyun start the new year on a high note by going on tour. Embarking on their “1st Live & Meet US Tour,” the boys showcased their passion and excitement last night in Atlanta.

Dressed in well-fitted black suits while accompanied by four back-up dancers, MXM commenced the night with their latest single “Knock Knock.” As the theatre roared in excitement, the duo dominated the stage as they moved in-sync with one another. While showcasing difficult choreography, the boys moved with ease as smooth vocals filled the venue. Despite being a cold winter night, the boys increased the temperature as they transitioned into one of their B-sides, “Love Me Now.” Fans shrieked in excitement as the duo glided across the stage floor with their bodies. As they sang “I really want you, love me now,” it was clear that their irresistible seduction won the hearts of several.

As the night progressed, the pair performed several of their well known singles such as “I’m the One,” “Ya Ya Ya,” and “Checkmate,” while also adding several non-singles in between.

While admiring them as a team, both members dominated the stage with solo performances. Youngmin had the audience in awe as he performed a solo stage, revealing a more urban side to his dancing skills. While Donghyun kept stealing the hearts of several as he a serenaded the audience with an acoustic guitar solo.

While showcasing their several talents as the night went on, the members of MXM constantly won the hearts of many with their dynamic personalities. Taking a small breather, the duo thanked their fans and told them how excited they were to be in the States. Interacting more with their fans, time was set aside to answer questions at random that were submitted earlier that day. Questions ranged from what superpower would they like to have to what would they do if they were stuck in a stranded island with each other. As some of the responses filled the venue with laughter, the boys were constantly sending finger hearts and hellos as fans tried to get their attention.

Without doubt, both Youngmin and Donghyun know how to put on a spectacular show. They danced and sang exquisitely, captivating every single person inside of the venue. No matter if you are fan or not, MXM’s “1st Live & Meet US Tour,” is one to attend. Time seemed to pass by so quickly as every moment was filled with excitement and passion. Once the end approaches, you will be left begging for more. Check out the remaining tour dates down below!


Jan. 23 – Houston, TX – Zilkha Hall

Jan. 25 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom

Jan. 26 – San Jose, CA- Montgomery Theater

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