Queen Bitch as the perfect blend of rock, blues, and grunge in new track “The Last Time”


Queen Bitch‘s latest single, “The Last Time,” has the perfect blend of rock, blues, and grunge. “The Last Time”, led by the enigmatic Róisín Bohan, opens with a beautiful mix of jam band groovy guitar and dreamy vocals. The track, which is the third single from the band, follows the debut single “Bones” in October of 2023.

The lush, elongated guitar solos are particularly noteworthy, creating a dreamy, almost ethereal atmosphere that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music. Bohan’s vocals are imbued with raw emotion, conveying a sense of both vulnerability and strength.

The song explores themes of growth, forgiveness, and the courage to move on from what no longer serves us. Lines like “This is the last time, I’m gonna tell you. How I feel // This is the last time, I’m moving on now. I’m over it” resonate deeply, reflecting the universal struggle of finding one’s path and the liberation that comes with letting go.

Recorded at Beardfire Studios with the skilled production team of Rohan Healy, Al Quiff, and David Virgin, “The Last Time” benefits from a polished yet organic sound. The production enhances the emotional depth of the song without overshadowing the raw, authentic feel that is central to Queen Bitch’s music.

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