Henry Morris dives into young love with, “Forever Young”


Forever YoungHenry Morris, formerly known as Playyard, dives deep into the realm of young love with his latest single, “Forever Young”. Co-written and produced alongside Taylor Ross, Morris crafts a narrative that captures the raw and reckless spirit of youth.

“Forever Young” tells the story of a young couple who elope, only to face the harsh realities of their decision once the initial rush of excitement wanes. The lyrics are a heartfelt plea to hold onto their fleeting joy and innocence. “Do you promise if I promise to / Can we stay here forever young?”. Morris’s vocals resonate with anyone who has ever wished to freeze a perfect moment in time, despite knowing it’s impossible.

The song opens with a reflective tone as Morris admits, “I think about it like all the time / I talk about it, my girlfriend says I’m right”.  The track is both haunting and beautiful, with a melody that perfectly complements the bittersweet lyrics. The bridge offers a brief interlude with its chant-like lines, “Say you wanna be / Don’t you wanna be?”

The song, beautiful and well crafted, reminds us all of the fragility of youth and the eternal wish to hold onto its fleeting moments.

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