Lilac Line made their return home to Chattanooga TN, on June 8th


Chattanoogas homegrown, Lilac Line, returned back to their roots, for a headline performance at the Barrelhouse Ballroom this past weekend. Lilac Line was joined by Rock N’ Roll, Nashville artists Overlook and another Chattanooga local pop artist, Johnny Balik. The perfect line up to represent Tennessee.

Overlook took the stage with a heavy hitting opening of Rock N’ Roll. With lyrisicm, wild guitar solos and all out performance, Overlook set the tone for the night ahead. Releasing new songs like, “My Woman.” Described by the vocalist Carson as, “feelings of unconditional and undying love.”

Johnny Balik shifted gears on stage next with a mix of pop and soul. With his inspiring lyrics and full range of vocals the crowd was in complete awe. Johnny’s heartfelt performance was felt by many. Johnny Balik has recently released new songs. He shared an especially impactful one titled, “Call My Name.”

Lilac Line kept the crowd alive by opening with their first song “Live or Die.” They electrified the scene and enthused an atmosphere of fans. Trent Walliser commented, “How good it is to be back home?!” Lilac Lines performance was ground shaking as the crowd of old and new fans jumped up and down with the energy on stage. Lilac played eight songs in their set off of their latest album, Plain To See. Close to the heart of the lead singer, Trent, this album expresses the never ending questions we as humans all have, who am I and where do my struggles come from? Lilac ended the night after the roaring of “Encore!” was chanted from everybody in the building with “Stuck at the Bottom.”

Truly an unforgettable night had by all. Follow these unforgettable bands below.

Lilac Line: Instagram // Facebook // YouTube
Johnny Balik: Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Twitter // Spotify
Overlook: Instagram // Facebook // Website


  1. Welcome home Lilac Line. Love the band , love the music. A night to remember! Encore Encore. Great pictures , great story Zacharie Miller!

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