Sabrina Song finds beauty in the mundane in debut album ‘You Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same’


Recommended Tracks: “Okay, Okay”, “Before And After,” “Happy To Be Here”
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Indie-pop artist Sabrina Song delves into the ever-changing nature of life, especially when friends relocate, in her debut record You Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same. Song magnifies the emotional complexities of these unknowns, weaving them into her music. Through this 10-track debut, Song expresses her gratitude for the freedom to authentically be herself and encapsulates the notable, transformational period we all go through, even amidst life’s uncertainties.

After the widespread acclaim for her hit single “Strawberry,” Song was awarded a grant from the Women’s Fund, a program for New York-based artists presented by the Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment and the New York Foundation for the Arts, for her debut album, You Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same. In this album, Song delves into her experiences as a twenty-something in New York City, exploring themes such as existentialism, the challenges of young adulthood, gratitude and the complexities of love.

The album begins with the piano-driven/alt-pop track “Before And After,” where Song reflects on the blank state in between limbo and heartbreak when you’re searching to find yourself. Through lyrics like, “Giving up anger / No more reason / Just before and after,” Song picks herself back up again after falling out of herself in the search for self-discovery. She then waits for “seasons to Christmas to come,” in “Afternoons.” The slow tempo of the song complements Song’s breathy vocals, creating this deep intimacy. She sings, “Maybe distraction is healthy in taking back power / Truthfully, I just feel hazy when I’m sitting still.” Yet, she closes off her heart and mind throughout the day, night and afternoon to protect herself amidst moments of stillness.

Okay, Okay” follows the organic arrangements and guitar-driven atmosphere that defines the album. In this intimate track, Song seeks a sense of security, some stability amidst emotional turbulence. She sings, “I’m looking at you sighing and saying, ‘You’re gonna drown me,’ like it’s a predetermined fate,” which showcases her raw honesty and blunt sincerity. As the song progresses, the rock-inspired sound builds alongside the emotional intensity of Song’s vocals. Love’s battlefield can make it feel like a force to be reckoned with when you’re trying to save face with that special someone. In her search for commitment and connection, Song finds this sincerity and puts all her cards on the table. She puts her heart out on the line in “Yes Man,” this Phoebe Bridgers-inspired track before being unapologetically herself in “Rage,” which describes her emotional turmoil and her fear of being misunderstood in her relationship. Rather, she’s afraid to say what she means. 

In her nostalgic single “Busy Work,” Song combines beautiful acoustic guitar melodies with electronic drum beats. The song seamlessly incorporates the album’s title, You Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same, as Song reflects on the passage of time and grapples with internal struggles and past regrets or shame. She sings, “The years pass like strangers / that make me double take / Caught in the hours spent grimacing with shame.” How does one navigate through time and emotions? Sometimes what you do isn’t enough, but Song’s “Busy Work” beautifully embodies the essence of a twenty-something simply finding their way, portraying the bittersweet nature of growing up and the repetitiveness of life’s chaos.

Song tries to confront the lingering ghosts of a broken past in “Do You Think About It Too?”, where she tries to shake off her feelings in the piano-led ballad. She wonders why she lets this person still have such an extreme effect on her, even now. “Do you think about it too? Because I have to tell you I forgave you / Wanted to save you.” Song’s raw vulnerability in her lyrics lends her journey of navigating pain and moving forward a perfect emotional relatability.

We all have to come to terms with the idea that it’s not always a perfect world and face the inevitability of the mundane nature of life. In the concluding tracks of the album, Song confronts the imperfections of life, acknowledging these ordinary yet cherished moments that define who we are. In “It Was Not a Beautiful Night,” she reflects on an imperfect evening; she sings, “It was not a beautiful night / Didn’t go out dancing / Rain through the morning / Curtains thin the sky is white,” She describes it with added detail such as morning rain and thin curtains, highlighting life’s simplicities.

However, in the final track, “Happy To Be Here,” Song finds solace and contentment after finding that her life for the other person is pouring. The song is filled with hope and vulnerability as she navigates the complexities of love. We don’t always get that reliability from someone else — that stability we often so intentionally crave, but there’s a sense of gratitude and happiness throughout the track as she tries to come to terms with love’s endless complexities. 

In her debut album, You Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same, Song embraces life’s uncertainties with gratitude. However, amidst the search for self-understanding and connection, one thing remains clear: nothing is certain. So we find beauty in the chaos — or at the very least, try to. Through her new record, Song cherishes the simple, yet profound moments that define us.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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