Spencer Martin finds creative spark in “Is Breathing A Sign?”


The newest single from pop punk creative Spencer Martin, “Is Breathing A Sign?”, tells a story about finding and renewing a creative spark. The lyrics tell us about Martin’s struggle with creativity and finding a voice again amidst a period of silence. Martin expresses this with lyrics like “I alone confide, I’m living a lie” quickly followed by the refrain to “let it go” and to take breathing as a sign of being alive.

Strong vocals compliment instrumentals that harken back to an earlier age of pop punk. This track could easily find itself slipped into a teenager’s freshly burned CD in 2009. The guitar is standout in sounding both nostalgic and new during the latter half of the song, when everything else dips and the guitar comes in heavy after the bridge. 


James Wieners
James Wieners
James Wieners is currently studying Journalism in Chicago. When he's not writing and/or listening to music, he's showing off the beautiful city of Chicago to tourists from around the world as a tour guide.

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