Sophia Lanuza Fights to Save Ben Rector On Her Latest Single


Sophia Lanuza claims that “I release two songs a year???” on her Instagram account, yet that doesn’t limit the depth of her music. Shifting from the calm, acoustic vibe of her first single of 2024, “The First Time I See You Again”, Lanuza introduces us to another heartbreak ballad with a twist. “Ben Rector” is a reflective song about separation that focuses on maintaining personal identity in the midst of changing relationships.

On “Ben Rector,” Lanuza grapples with her breakup. Through pleading lyrics and a punchy bass line, Lanuza argues her case for keeping Ben Rector, an artist she shared with her partner, for herself. She sings: “You can have the boy I’ve been in love with when we met / You can have the friends who’ve poured their hearts out in my hands / You can take the odds and ends, the pieces that you need,” but begs that Ben Rector is left unscathed in this split for her personal enjoyment.

Sharing more about “Ben Rector,” Lanuza comments: 

“The three of us were standing in the kitchen and I showed them Ben Rector for the first time. She made me swear we’d see him together. Then my relationship ended and the two of them ended up together. They got the nightstand, the bed, the friends, the city, and each other – I just want Ben Rector.”

You can check out “Ben Rector” below.

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