Join Wallows On Their Relationship Journey On New Album, ‘Model’


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Recommended​​​ Tracks: “Bad Dream,” “I Wouldn’t Mind,” “Going Under”

Wallows, composed of vocalist/guitarists Braeden Lemasters and Dylan Minnette and drummer/guitarist Cole Preston, has teamed up with producer John Congleton to create their third studio album, Model. With Congleton working on their debut album, Nothing Happens, they worked together to produce a more creative and experimental album while maintaining their recognizable sound. Model is an album intended to be heard live and deals with the uncertainty and confusion that comes with falling in love. 

Opening with “Your Apartment,” we are introduced to Wallows’ classic sound – punchy drum rhythms, commanding guitar, and angsty lyrics questioning the status of a relationship. This energy is seen throughout Model, often juxtaposing songs about shared understanding in relationships. “A Warning” is considered the “sister track” of the lead single from Nothing Happens, “Are You Bored Yet?” With a much simpler musical composition featuring playful synths and strong bass, this track is designed to make listeners dance their heartbreak away. “Don’t You Think It’s Strange?” has a similar catchy rhythm mixed with confident guitar and keys. This song reflects on the need to find common ground between others. 

While Model acknowledges the awkward times in relationships, songs such as “Anytime, Always” and “Calling After Me” show the sweeter moments. These songs pair together, as lyrics on “Anytime, Always” share, “You can call me anytime, always” and lyrics on “Calling After Me” focus on how their partner calls after them while being bombarded by other responsibilities in life. “Bad Dream” and “I Wouldn’t Mind” bring a soft whimsicality to Model, where dreamy guitar and smooth keys glide under lyrics about supporting your partner during a relationship.

Model ends by comparing these two different themes seen throughout the album. “Going Under” highlights the anxiety that accompanies a failing relationship. This track features heavy techno influences in both its synths and percussion and utilizes Lemasters’ vocal abilities to create a sense of uneasiness toward the relationship by the end of the song. The final track, “Only Ecstasy” brings reassurance and stability as Minnette sings “You are my only ecstasy / You are the only one for me.” Over upbeat guitar and steady drums, lyrics travel through the life of a partner, envisioning a future with them. This marks a significant milestone in Model as all the uncertainty from previous tracks dissipates as a future life together becomes more clear. This moment shows that Model is not just another album from Wallows, but a journey of self-reflection and growth. Model is a testament to the human experience. From nerves surrounding a new or old relationship to peace from a supportive partner, listeners can easily relate to these tracks and fit these songs into their own experiences. 

You can listen to Model below.

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