Lenox Hill’s “Kalamazoo” is fueled by Tennessee rock


Lenox Hill‘s, “Kalamazoo,” is fueled by the heart-pounding energy of Tennessee rock. The quartet was founded in 2017 by brothers Luke (vocals) and Packy Mullin (guitar), along with their comrades Kyle Swenson (drums) and Kameron Dunn (bass).

In “Kalamazoo,” Lenox Hill explores the intoxicating sensation of falling for someone who feels utterly foreign yet undeniably essential. The lyrics penned by Luke and Packy Mullin dive into the whirlwind of emotions that accompany discovering love in unexpected places, using the obscure locale of Kalamazoo to illustrate the enchanting unpredictability of life’s encounters.

From the relentless pulse of the drums by Kyle Swenson to the raw emotion pouring through Luke Mullin’s vocals, every element of the song meshes perfectly with one another. Even in its quietest moments, the rhythmic momentum remains unyielding.

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