Hayley Warner continues to carve her niche with new track “Do You Think About Me?”


Hayley Warner releases her new track, “Do You Think About Me?”. Building upon the success of her debut single “Closure” and subsequent releases from her EP I Think I Saw The Moon, Warner continues to carve her niche in the music industry with this emotionally resonant track.

From the first notes, “Do You Think About Me?” the song unfolds like a heartfelt confession, as Warner explores themes of a lost love. “Ain’t it strange how we start as strangers / Turn to lovers / And back to strangers again.” The production is polished yet intimate, allowing Warner’s vocals to take center stage while subtle instrumentation adds depth to the overall sound.

As a Grammy-nominated songwriter with an impressive track record of hits for artists across genres, Warner brings a wealth of experience to “Do You Think About Me?”. Hayley Warner delivers a powerful performance that solidifies her status as one of Australia’s most promising talents.

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