Grocer’s “Golden Sedan” is hauntingly enchanting


Grocer - "Golden Sedan" promo image

Multi-vocal, Philadelphia quartet Grocer is gaining attention for their distinctive rock sound infused with chromaticism. Danielle Lovier on bass and vocals (she/her), Cody Nelson on drums and vocals (they/them) and Nicholas Rahn on guitar and vocals (he/him), has been making waves since releasing their debut album, Little Splash, in 2021, amidst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their single, “Packrat,” released on Feb. 12, continues to showcase their artistic exploration of the genre, but “Golden Sedan” furthers this fiery expose. Opening with a fusion of playful bass lines and a subtle drum rhythm, their music sets an eerie and enchanting tone.

“Golden Sedan is a look back at a common thread throughout my life, which is being stressed out in the car. As a lifelong traveling musician and anxiety sufferer, I’ve had many of the highest and lowest moments of my life within a van I couldn’t escape for another few minutes.”

The song serves as an homage to both the highest and lowest parts of life. It explores the primal instinct of fight or flight, channeling these emotions into a powerful rock anthem that lets your frustrations run rampant. 

Grocer is set to release their upcoming studio album, Bless Me, on April 19.

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