Tuelo announces sophomore album ‘Regarding My Heart’ out Sept. 27


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Folk-rock singer-songwriter Tuelo announced her new second studio album Regarding My Heart, set for release on Sept. 27, 2024. The South African-born, New York City/Dublin-based musician announced the news alongside the title track, “Regarding My Heart,” which was released on March 27. 

Telo’s upcoming body of work, Regarding My Heart, is an exploration of love, loss and loneliness, allowing her to re-introduce herself in her sonic divergence. She simultaneously celebrated the single “Regarding My Heart” on March 27 in New York City with a free show and happy hour at M. Wells. The title track is a journey of a song: “a release, a reflection, a pacing of the story of love and loss,” allowing Tuelo to build an exciting sonic sound accompanied by Etherial guitars.

Tuelo began to write over 7-songs that are called “songs and shadows,” a writing process she curated with one core song in mind that is swiftly accompanied by additional songs inspired by and calling back to the main song in nuanced ways.

“This album has been the way that I could explain a life I thought was over. It has been the way I could explain a love I thought could be the only one. I could be silent.  After many years of fear as a migrant alone, I had a story to tell, and when it came to my heart I needed to remind myself that I am deserving of some kind of love.”

She is set to perform at The Historic Apollo Theater in New York City on April 17 with tickets on sale here, and at Debbie’s at Dutch Kills in New York City on April 27 with more information here.

Preorder Regarding My Heart now.


  1. Regarding My Heart (Chant)
  2. Regarding My Heart
  3. Some Kind of Love (Chant)
  4. Some Kind of Love
  5. Green Light (Chant)
  6. Green Light
  7. Enemy of Love (Chant)
  8. Enemy of Love
  9. Bitter Weeping (Chant)
  10. Bitter Weeping
  11. My Friend Saba (Chant)
  12. My Friend Saba
  13. Some Kind of Love (Piano)
  14. Audio Journal

Keep up with Tuelo: Instagram // Spotify // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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