Lorena Leigh breaks the norms in “Aspirin”


Lorena Leigh Aspirin

Texas-raised Lorena Leigh combines her love of country music with modern pop to create her unique sound. Her background as a professional dancer influences her to make music that you can groove with. She thrives on writing catchy melodies and clever hooks to draw her audience in, which you can find in her 2 full-length albums and various singles.

“Aspirin” begins with Lorena’s captivating vocals that suddenly burst into a cacophony of pop production. Behind the track, the lyrics reveal that the song’s subject matter is a more dense than your average pop song. “Aspirin” is Lorena’s take on societal expectations, and how she urges the listener to break these norms to live their life authentically. These themes and the somewhat electronic, unique production elevate this track to a whole other level, pushing the boundaries of pop.

Keep up with Lorena Leigh: Spotify // Instagram // Merch


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