Montreal Neoclassical Composer Erik Lankin Shares Ghostly Composition “Daedalus Requiem”


Erik Lankin is a composer and producer of new classical music based in Montreal (Tiohtià:ke).

Erik combines classical orchestration with contemporary sound design. He channels the full spectrum of emotion into instrumental soundscapes, which are compellingly narrative and evocative.

From 2020 to 2023 he assembled a team of some of Canada’s most accomplished classical soloists and neoclassical producers to realize his vision for his highly anticipated debut release: The Icarus Album. Using music, Erik reinterprets the myth of Icarus and Daedalus as a metaphor for losing his father to mental illness. His music flows between grief and torment to find places of hope, triumph and healing, reflecting his personal journey of coping with loss and finding meaning in music. 

On the single “Daedalus Requiem,Erik has this to divulge on the inspiration of this track of deep meaning to the composer. 

I reimagined the myth of Daedalus so that it was him and not Icarus who fell into the sea. Leaving Icarus alone, grieving and aloft on the broken wings he inherited. This song sings the passing of Daedalus into the underworld.

Connect with Erik via:

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