Jake William Capistran debuts soulful, introspective indie rock release with “DOUBT”


Jake William Capistran, a Portland-based singer and multi-instrumentalist, has carved out a distinctive niche in the music industry through his unparalleled fusion of folk, rock, and soul. His musical trajectory serves as a testament to a diverse array of influences and an unwavering commitment to simplicity in songcraft. From his formative years drawing inspiration from punk and rock luminaries to his evolution into a songwriter crafting intricate folk narratives and indie pop rock anthems, Capistran’s artistic journey is marked by continual evolution, introspection, and an unyielding pursuit of authenticity.

Today marks a milestone in Capistran’s journey with the release of his latest single “DOUBT”, a testament to his ongoing creative exploration and evolution. This newest addition to his repertoire showcases his continued commitment to pushing artistic boundaries while staying true to his signature sound.

JWC shares of the single:

“I know it’s a keeper when I start crying in the voice memo. As someone who struggles with self-belief, constantly worrying if I’m doing the right thing or how it will be received, I became overwhelmed with the comfort of hearing myself say in that initial writing session that it’s okay to believe in yourself with pure conviction. “DOUBT” was written at the piano in my sister’s house, tears welling in my eyes. I have some songs that take months (sometimes years) to write, but “DOUBT” was not one of them. This one came all at once. The oddly-timed piano riff that hangs on a little too long, the seeds of the lyrics, the call-and-response hook in the chorus, the acapella gang vocal in the middle – all came pouring out in the first ten minutes of recording the voice memo. Even the lyrics – often the most over-thought part of my writing process – just seemed to present themselves: stream-of-consciousness and well-fitting.”

Now, almost two years since that teary-eyed writing session at the out-of-tune piano, DOUBT is fully formed and it’s my hope that it gives someone the kick in the ass, the hit of dopamine, the affirmation they need to put the worries and fears and insecurities aside, and move forward with conviction.

Capistran’s musical voyage commenced at the age of 12 under the guidance of his father, who introduced him to the guitar. Even in his earliest years, a fervent passion for songwriting was evident as he delved into experimenting with chord progressions and musical concepts. Yet, his journey faced initial hurdles as he grappled with shyness and a lack of vocal confidence.

Upon entering high school, Capistran began transforming his musical musings into fully-realized compositions. The experience of playing in bands throughout college and his early twenties, notably in the five-piece Boston-based ensemble Geometrist, proved pivotal in fortifying his vocal abilities and bolstering his confidence as a tunesmith.

The pivotal move to Portland nearly a decade ago marked a profound turning point. It was here that Capistran made the decision to step into the forefront under his own name, striking a balance between his affinity for folk music—crafting narrative-driven compositions on acoustic guitar—and his ardor for fully orchestrated, electrifying albums and live performances.

Capistran’s influences span a diverse spectrum of artists who have left an indelible mark on his musical landscape. From the formative impact of bands like Blink 182, Green Day, and Black Sabbath to the later discoveries of M. Ward, Elliott Smith, and Josh Ritter, each artist has played a crucial role in shaping his distinctive songwriting style.

As Capistran transitions into adulthood, his creative wellspring draws inspiration from an eclectic array of musicians including Bon Iver, Phosphorescent, and Tallest Man on Earth, enriching his sonic palette with each new discovery. Bands like Dr. Dog, PUP, and Gang of Youths further contribute to the evolution of his sound, adding depth and complexity to his musical tapestry.

Capistran’s musical ethos seamlessly blends indie pop rock with elements of folk and soul, characterized by a sound he describes as “pop with some grit.” Beginning with a folk foundation, he skillfully layers instrumentation to craft a dynamic auditory experience, reminiscent of folk luminaries like M. Ward and Bright Eyes, yet infused with the influences of contemporary acts such as Dr. Dog and Bon Iver.

His lyrics delve into the intricacies of the human experience, inspired by existential ponderings and the absurdities of everyday life. Moving beyond conventional themes of love, Capistran’s compositions offer a vivid portrayal of personal experiences, resonating with authenticity and relatability.

Capistran’s upcoming album, “PURE JOY,” slated for release in Spring 2024, promises to be another milestone in his musical odyssey, offering audiences a captivating journey through his ever-evolving sonic landscape. With each release, Capistran reaffirms his status as a storyteller, a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, and a compelling voice in the expansive realm of indie pop rock.


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