Samantha Margret moves on from toxicity in “Remind Myself of You”


Samantha Margret Remind Myself of You

Mix female rage with early Billie Eilish and you get Samantha Margret. Samantha is climbing up the alt-pop ladder at a rapid rate. Her 2022 single “RAGE” has amassed well over 4 million streams on Spotify, likely for its haunting harmonies and dark themes that truly pack a punch. The Bay Area-based singer can tell a story like no other. With themes such as female empowerment, self-love, and internal struggles, Margret writes with a specific audience in mind with every song she releases. She’s a megaphone for anyone whose voice needs to be heard.

“Remind Myself of You” serves as a part 2 to her previously released single, “Deja Vu You.” “Deja Vu You” is about the feeling of watching someone change right before your eyes. “Remind Myself of You” is the angry aftermath. The track opens with a distorted version of the chorus, leading into a collection of dark synths and percussion. The lyrics are cuthroat- Margret sings “Fingers on your face I can almost taste ya, Baby what a waste, when I try to replace ya, I remind myself of you” She isn’t afraid to describe the highs and the lows of reveling in your past.

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