Jenny Kern realizes it’s not so easy to move on in “Almost Had It Good” and “Pull Me Under”


Jenny Kern - “Almost Had It Good”/“Pull Me Under”Canadian-Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jenny Kern is on the road to indie-pop stardom with her magnetic vocals and emotional lyrics that make you comprehend the art of life itself.

Kern previously gained prominence for her release of “Slow Burn” and “Are We Still Falling in Love?”, which both exude dreamy alternative sounds.

Ahead of her newest EP, Anything But Perfect, Kern released “Your Words” on Feb. 9. Accompanying Anything But Perfect on March 15 is lead singles “Almost Had It Good” and “Pull Me Under.” 

“Almost Had It Good” employs visual imagery and soft soaring melodies. In the chorus about how the relationship was anything but perfect after the other person found someone new. She sings about driving in this person’s car, and thinking they would get far in their relationship; yet, it was simply a lie. Despite this all-consuming happiness in the beginning, Kern discloses that “we almost had it good.”

On the other hand, “Pull Me Under” opens with playful piano playing, with the first line of the song being, “Talk to me like you want this.” Unlike “Almost Had It Good,” “Pull Me Under” is primarily a pop ballad. She sings, “Let’s just stay in the moment / I don’t wanna say we’re broken,” before concluding that, “you’re the only one who’s ever pulled me under.”

Kern’s music can make you feel like there is nothing else on Earth, with her flowy vocals and whimsical musical atmosphere. Both “Almost Had It Good” and “Pull Me Under” invite you on an emotional rollercoaster filled with introspection and romance that lets you think about the future.

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